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'Eager Beaver': For Highest-Paid NYC Correction Captain, There’s Plenty of Work Outside Rikers
2022-0701 / Hell Gate

Violence in NYC jails recently hit all-time record highs. Why is the Correction Department's highest-paid captain moonlighting for the federal government?

SPEED DEMON: PBA President Pat Lynch is Driven Around Really Fast!
2022-0124 / Streetsblog

Last week after two police officers bravely ran into a burning building in The Bronx to save an elderly woman, police union head Patrick Lynch rushed to the scene. Perhaps too quickly: the 2021 Chevy Suburban in which Lynch was chauffeured has a staggering 29 school-zone speeding violations since 2016.

Two-thirds of NYC school buses have speeding, red light camera tickets
2021-1011 / New York Daily News

Some New York City school bus drivers have a need for speed, racking up a total of thousands of traffic tickets for recklessly operating the big yellow vehicles that carry roughly 150,000 schoolkids every day.

Pilot of Brooklyn helicopter flight says takeoff and landing at vacant lot in densely-populated Crown Heights obeyed the law
2021-1105 / New York Daily News

The pilot who landed a helicopter in a thickly-populated Brooklyn neighborhood says area residents have no right to worry — he insists his takeoff and landing in a vacant lot obeyed the law.

Dangerous drivers still on city streets despite thousands of speeding tickets
2020-1115 / City Limits

A months-long investigation led to a Nassau County address linked to the vehicle and a man who claims his employer paid all the tickets. It’s one of a limited number of cases where thousands of dollars in fines have proven ineffective at changing behavior and highlights a blindspot of the city’s Vision Zero initiative. City lawmakers and advocates are hoping to address the issue with a bill that would rely on data provided by enforcement cameras to get the worst drivers off the road and into a safety course.

Garbage trucks registered with BIC run red lights at alarming rate: Analysis
2019-0829 / amNewYork

Vehicles registered with the Business Integrity Commission have been caught speeding past schools and running red lights at an alarming rate, according to an amNewYork analysis of traffic camera violations.

Staten Islanders are patrolling ICE hot spots to help protect immigrants
2019-0801 / amNewYork

On a sweltering afternoon on Staten Island, César Vargas kept a close eye on the cars lining the street outside Richmond County Supreme Court. Vargas, a newly minted Army Reserve specialist and one of the first undocumented immigrants admitted to the New York State Bar, walked by an idling unmarked police car concealing a large tattooed man with a gun.

Hundreds of Cyclists Stage Mass ‘Die-In’ to Protest Growing Number of NYC Fatalities
2019-0710 / Bicycling Magazine

Nearly 1,000 bike messengers, bike commuters, delivery cyclists, bike share riders, and teenagers on fixies had laid their bikes and bodies on the ground in a mass “die-in,” meant to bring attention to the steadily climbing rate of cyclists and pedestrians dying on New York City streets.

A Man was Run Down and Killed 5 Years Ago on Rockaway Blvd. Nothing Has Been Done to Prevent Another Death
2018-1122 / Streetsblog

A deadly Queens intersection where an airport worker was run down and killed five years ago still lacks a simple crosswalk, despite a 2016 study that identified the crossing as a “high-crash location.”

Plainclothes NYPD Cops Are Involved in a Staggering Number of Killings
2018-0509 / The Intercept / With George Joseph

An analysis by The Intercept, using data from the Fatal Encounters project, found that plainclothes cops play a role in such killings disproportionate to their relatively small numbers among the NYPD’s ranks. Plainclothes police have been involved in nearly a third of all fatal shooting incidents recorded since 2000, according to The Intercept study.

You Can Finally Complain About the Police at Your Precinct
2018-0306 / The Village Voice / With Noah Hurowitz

The city agency tasked with investigating complaints against the NYPD plans to streamline its mail-in system after an investigation by the Village Voice found officers at dozens of police precincts were unable or unwilling to provide complaint forms when asked.

2015 / With Daryl Meador

In 2014, 269 people died in New York City traffic crashes. Twenty bicyclists died as a result of these crashes. Of those twenty, nine remain unidentified to the public and some have not been named at all. This book was made from photographs taken at the sites of each of these nine crashes.

What's In The Hole?
2014 / With Daryl Meador